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Protein Powder


I don’t know about you but I don’t often have time during my day to sit down and eat a full meal, let alone cook multiple forms of protein so I have enough to pack for lunches. This is where protein powder comes into play for me!

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle, bone and connective tissue; it has a key role in building hormones, neurotransmitters, aids in exercise performance and more.

The great tasting protein powder I use and supply clients with comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Unflavored!

Some of the top highlights of the product I can provide you with include:

  • Grass fed beef protein (vegan? I have an option for that!)
  • Gluten & Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • Non GMO
  • Easy to mix
  • Sweetened with stevia leaf extract (chocolate & vanilla)

If you prefer a vegan option, ask me about PurePea!

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