Equine & Canine Treatments

Has your horse suddenly become spooky? Has it pulled back and just hasn’t been the same since?

Is your dog limping or showing signs of being sore and no one knows why? Unable to go up or down stairs any more?

Michelle may be your next call to help resolve these issues and more!

After completing the 3 year program at the Navato Institute for Somatic Research, Michelle is a Certified Equine and Canine Hanna Somatics Educator. She applies her knowledge of anatomy and skills as a manual osteopath to work WITH your animal to resolve tension, improve calmness and restore function for your 4-legged family member!

Michelle often gets calls from dog owners who have been told by others that there is no option and nothing is “wrong” with their dog.

Michelle is amazing! After just one treatment, our dog Honey was able to get up without pain and walk on her own! She is a genuine healer! Honey and our family thank you Michelle!

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