Concussion Recovery/Prevention

Concussions happen a lot more frequently than we think. Falls and car accidents are the leading cause of concussion (whiplash affects the brain more than we think)! Then there are sport related accidents and injuries that affect the brain both directly and indirectly.

One concussion may not seem to affect you much, even the first few. Eventually you may end up hitting your fairly head lightly and end up with debilitating symptoms!

Most treatments for concussion to date do not involve manual protocols, they seek to manage symptoms. Some offer nutritional advice, many do not.

Michelle offers the gold standard, the opportunity for both manual treatments AND a nutritional program specific for your brain’s deficiencies!

Manual treatments help create space in the brain for fluid movement, healing and nerve transmission. The nutritional element accounts for 20% to 30% of healing. How deeply you invest in your healing is your choice. You can opt for in person treatments, nutritional support or both.

The manual protocols used are gentle, non-invasive and very relaxing!

Whether you have recently had a concussion, currently have symptoms or not, creating space and overcoming deficiencies left over from previous traumas is key to reducing the potential of symptoms in the future.

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