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Do you ever feel a little weaker than normal? Get muscle cramps or spasms? Feeling fatigued? Often dizzy or lightheaded after physical exertion?

Electrolytes may be your missing factor! But, what are electrolytes?

Hydration requires more than just water, the factor that many of us are unaware of is that “electrolytes” are a balance of sodium, magnesium and potassium. These essential minerals play a role in nerve transmission and muscle function.

Involuntary muscular contraction or weakness can happen when there is a deficiency or imbalance in these minerals.

If you’ve been feeling like you simply cannot get enough water in you lately, if you don’t seem to go to the washroom often or if your urine is darker in colour, these are other signs that you might be lacking the necessary combination of minerals to be hydrated!

The electrolytes I provide are an excellent supplementation! It tastes great, contains electrolytes, Vitamin C, Taurine and bioflavonoids!

Overall, electrolytes are key for hydration which is required for optimal functioning of all systems of the body, including the brain! This means enhanced endurance, recovery and mental clarity for all life’s demands

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