What We Do

We are experts in fascia and concussion resolution utilizing manual techniques and nutrition,
especially for equestrian athletes. Supplying the best supplements out there for your best health!

Cognitive Care Test

Where your brain is at can be the difference between winning competitions and losing. Between being able to connect with your horse and not. Between having a great relationship with those who are important to you and having an ok relationship.

This test will tell you where your deficiencies are and give you a starting point as to what you can do to start making improvements!

What We Do

Helping you get achieve optimal health and wellness, taking care of every aspect and how they relate to each other is our passion! There are several options when it comes to where we start, everyone is at a different point in their journey. We are here to help at whatever stage you are at

Our Team

Manual treatments, organization and ordering of nutritional supplements and creating content for you takes a lot of work. Know that we are up to the task!

Nutrition Bundles!

Nutritional supplements can be purchased as "one off" items, as part of your personalized Cognitive Care Program or as a bundle!
Skin Health 5
  • 5 Top Supplements
  • Regenerate, Repair & Protect
  • Hydrate From the Inside
  • Regulate Oil Production
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Best Choice
Total Immune 5
  • Everything your immune system needs
  • 5 medical grade supplements
  • Guaranteed no fillers
  • Support your health today
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ADHD Essential 5
  • 5 Key Vitamins/Supplements
  • Improve Communication,
  • Learning, Memory,
  • Clarity of Focus & Thought
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Client Testimonials

Bonnie Scott

After 2 months of the Cognitive Care supplement program:

“I’m surprised by how much more organized I am. I am able to complete tasks with greater ease and recognize when I lose focus regain it quickly!“

“The balance exercises Michelle gave me have improved my balance and confidence when walking on uneven ground”

Bonnie Scott

Executive Assistant, Artist, PEI
Pat Ross

“Michelle has changed my life! Before treatments I used to feel numb, I couldn’t focus. Now I can think and feel again!“

Pat Ross

Horse Trainer, Riding Coach
Lisa, Darren, Kristie

“I sleep SO much better since including the nutritional products Michelle suggested!“

Lisa, Darren, Kristie


To Our Clients

Your opinion matters to us greatly. We appreciate feedback and your trust in assisting with your healthy goals

Our Goals For you

Find long term results and help you achieve your goals
Engage the body’s inner Physician
Restore balance and mobility to all systems of the body
Increase function and decrease pain
Provide education on how to maintain balance and prevent injury

Our Philosophy

The body has the innate ability to heal its self
Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated
The body is one unit and must be addressed as a whole
Fascia connects every structure within the body to the brain
The brain controls the body

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