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Connecting body & mind for incredible holistic remedies.

We are experts in fascia and concussion resolution utilizing manual osteopathy techniques and nutrition, especially for equestrian athletes.

Fascia and Concussion Experts

We specialize in fascia and concussion resolution using manual osteopathy techniques. Benefit from our expertise and targeted treatments for effective recovery.

Tailored Care for Equestrian Athletes

Our customized approach is designed specifically for equestrian athletes, addressing the unique demands placed on their bodies to improve performance, prevent injuries, and recover effectively

Holistic Healing with Osteopathy and Nutrition

We integrate manual osteopathy techniques with nutrition. Our comprehensive care addresses underlying issues, providing you with a complete healing experience.

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“Book now for improved fascia health, concussion resolution, and optimized performance as an equestrian athlete.”

Healing through touch and restoring balance. My passion fuels transformative journeys. Join me in embracing the power of healing.

We are Balanced BODY THERAPY

Balanced Body Therapy: Empowering, Healing, & Unleashing Potential.

“Balanced Body Therapy, led by the experienced hands of Michelle, emanates a heartfelt mission rooted in personal triumph. Having conquered her own concussion, Michelle brings profound understanding and empathy to her clients’ healing journeys. With skilled massages and a compassionate touch, she tenderly nurtures bodies, unraveling the knots of pain and restoring harmony. Supported by her trusted canine companion, together they extend their healing touch to equine and canine companions as well. Michelle and her four-legged partner form an unwavering team, driven by their shared dedication to your well-being. Embark on a transformative path guided by their expertise, love, and specialized Equine & Canine Treatments. Experience a sanctuary of deep healing where your body, mind, and beloved animals find solace and renewal.”

Our Service

What Service We Offer

Our primary goal is helping people overcome the potential long term negative effects of head injury/concussion through fascial therapy and nutrition. 

Did you know that 20% of the population never naturally recover from concussion? We can often adapt and integrate the effects but they are still there. The anxiety, headaches, difficulty concentrating, etc. Taking care of the root cause, creating space in the brain for healing, reducing inflammation and  resolving nutritional deficiencies can be life changing!

Every individual is unique and every treatment performed is custom tailored to the person receiving the treatment. Whether you want to start with treatments or the Brain Health Assessment is up to you! 

Fascia Treatment

Creating space in the body for movement, flow and ease. Releasing the key restriction affects the whole.

Concussion Recovery/Prevention

Creating space for the brain is essential for recovery and healing but also reduces the potential severity of future impacts.


Osteopathy has been around since the 1800s! This non-invasive modality recognizes that structure and function are interrelated (if the structure is off, so is function; if function is off it will be reflected in the structure). When the body is balanced and mobile, the chances of dysfunction and pain are significantly reduced.

Cognitive Care Assessment

Cognitive health is key for unlocking your body’s mental and physical healing ability. Take our assessment to find out where you are deficient and what’s holding you back…


Fascia treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add vitality.

Equine & Canine Treatments

Has your horse suddenly become spooky? Has it pulled back and just hasn’t been the same since? Is your dog limping or showing signs of being sore and no one knows why? Unable to go up or down stairs any more? Michelle may be your next call to help resolve these issues and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my treatment covered by insurance?

It is up to you to know whether you have coverage for these services or not.

If you require a receipt for your treatment, please discuss this prior to your treatment.

What is the difference between a manual Osteopath and a Chiropractor?

Most Chiropractors will use high velocity low impact techniques for their adjustments while most Manual Osteopaths (such as those with Balanced Body Therapy) will balance fascial and muscular tensions to allow mobility and balance in the spine, hips and more.

Is there a difference a between an Osteopath & Manual Osteopath?

Yes. An Osteopath is also known as Osteopathic Physician or Doctor of Osteopathy.

The only place in the world to become an Osteopath is in the United States.

These professionals are at the same level as your MD or Medical Doctor.

Do you provide medical advice or diagnosis?


We are not physicians and do not offer medical advice. Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice


What People Say About Us


    “I sleep SO much better since including the nutritional products Michelle suggested!“



    Bonnie Scott

      “I’m surprised by how much more organized I am. I am able to complete tasks with greater ease and recognize when I lose focus regain it quickly!“ “The balance exercises Michelle gave me have improved my balance and confidence when walking on uneven ground.”

      Bonnie Scott

      Executive Assistant, Artist, PEI

      Pat Ross

        “Michelle has changed my life! Before treatments I used to feel numb, I couldn’t focus. Now I can think and feel again!“

        Pat Ross

        Horse Trainer, Riding Coach

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