Brief info

Bosco is the best assistant on 4 paws!

Overseeing social media posts, providing inspiration and movement motivation for Michelle as well as support during the occasional treatment.

Bosco has been on his own healthy journey since joining Balanced Body Therapy in 2021. Calming his brain, developing healthy strategies, releasing fascial tension and gaining muscle!

Bosco likes to try to be involved in any way he can!

Really, he wants you to be the best that you can be so that you are able to be there for your 4 legged family members and friends. He wants you to be able to walk, run and play with ease. To be able to remember their favourite parks; to help find lost toys; to not hold onto frustration when they make mistakes.

When it comes to his roll at Balanced Body Therapy, he likes to oversee social media post creation. Check out our Facebook or Instagram posts and I’m sure you’ll see a few “behind the scenes” photos of this happening.

He’s also great at getting Michelle out for some fresh air which is great for her brain and inspiring fresh content!

While he does enjoy being involved in treatments, Bosco’s biggest role is making sure Michelle takes breaks, gets up and moves regularly and doesn’t work herself too hard 😉