Fascia is a fascinating web-like structure located literally everywhere within your body! It surrounds every structure, every bone, muscle, joint, organ and vessel. It connects everything to everything else and to your brain! It is known as the soft skeleton because it holds everything in place and creates shape. It has more nerve endings in it than anything else (it talks to the brain very fast). The craziest thing about fascia, in my opinion, is that healthy mobile fascia can withstand 2,000 psi!!

Another great fact about fascia is that when worked with properly, it feels as though it melts!

Other forms of treatment feel like pain being inflicted upon me. This feels like the pain is coming from the inside out, as if it is being released!

A lot of pain and restrictions we feel (and many we don’t feel) come from restricted fascia; this includes scar tissue. By releasing the fascial restrictions/tension fluids can move easier, the tissues can become hydrated, nerve transmission improves and imbalances can be eliminated!

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